Services, Prices and Descriptions

Daytons #1 Detail Center

• Complete Interior only Detailing - $90-$175
• Complete exterior only Detailing - $70-$110
• Complete Interior/ Exterior Detailing - $160-$260

 This service starts by meticulously cleaning and conditioning the door panels, dashboard, gauges, vents, visors, and steering wheel/column and center console. Carpets, seats and floor mats are shampooed (trunk included). If the seats are vinyl or leather they are carefully cleaned and treated with our top rated leather conditioner to preserve and protect. Next the exterior is detailed. We begin by cleaning the tires, wheels, and fender wells. The vehicle is hand washed and dried with a scratch free chamois. Next is our Carnauba wax! Our hand wax is highly recommended and is crucial to keeping your investment protected. This is guaranteed to intensify the luster of your cars finish. Remember, our wax is enhanced with UV protectant and prevents oxidation lasting up to six months! Your car is finished with a hand applied liquid body shine, wheels are cleaned and tires are dressed. Interior and exterior windows are cleaned and left streak free. 

• Headlight lens Restoration- $40

 Each headlight is polished to restore the original transparency of the headlight lenses. This process safely restores clarity to cloudy, oxidized, yellowed and lightly scratched lenses. 

• Leather Cleaning Treatment -$75

Clean and protect your leather with our leather treatment process! This package features extensive cleaning and thorough conditioning of your vehicles leather/vinyl interior. We begin by using mild leather cleaner that gently lifts dirt and soil from the leather while imparting natural oils. The cleaning is followed by a leather conditioning treatment. This step adds rich conditioners that help preserve the strength and natural resiliency of the leather. You will notice a softer natural feel. This application will also help prevent premature wear from the sun.  

• Orbital Polish-

 We begin by performing our standard car wash service.  Once the car has been cleaned a two-step process is applied. We polish your car to bring about the highest quality finish from urethane clear coat paints. Light cleaners and polymer sealants are formulated into a Polish to work with today's clear coat urethane paint systems. In the final step, we apply a thick coat of specially formulated wax, providing maximum protection and a deep luster to your vehicle's finish. This is designed to reduce swirls and light scratches, and any other minor imperfections. $175

Your Local Dayton Valley Car Wash and Detail Center

Dayton Valley Detail Centers main goal is to professionally and meticulously detail your vehicle to the highest standards in the industry!